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To educate and equip individuals to become major contributors to leaders in and valued representatives of their Canadian and International Communities.

To develop a love of learning, promote excellence in all areas of endeavor and provide access to outstanding educational experiences, teachers and facilities.

An integrated Pet Grooming education comprising the humanities, natural and imposed and information technologies. The curriculum includes an emphasis on Hands on Practical work with animals supplied by Pampered Paws™ for you to work on and required participation in the grooming arts, service and residential community service.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Critical thinking skills;
  • The potential of the individual;
  • Self-discipline, respect, responsibility and commitment;
  • Democratic principles;
  • Personal fitness and Health;
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship;
  • The role of ender, ethnicity, race and culture in building rich diverse communities;
  • Participant centered experiences, which create leadership opportunities.

Pampered Paws Limited Professional Development Programs develops men and women of personal integrity, prepared for business, responsible involvement and leadership in their local, national and global communities.

Pampered Paws™ offers a distinguished curriculum. A diverse range of required components provides for choice, with stimulating challenges and the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge, skills and values.

The achievement: preparation for service, business and life.

Silvie ~ All Fur Love – Mississauga Marilyn ~ For The Love Of Dogs - Toronto

Caveen ~ Caveen's Grooming Salon - Malaysia

The defining characteristic of a Pampered Paws™ Program is the mandatory participation in each of its core curricular components, leading to the awarding of Pampered Paws™ Professional Development Certificate upon successful completion of your chosen program.

Pampered Paws™ requires graded involvement in service, which provides our participants the opportunity to enrich their lives through the giving of time and effort for the benefit of the animals; locally, nationally and internationally.

  1. Participation in the Service Co-op Service Program fosters patience, understanding, care and concern.
  2. Service develops an awareness and appreciation of the local and global spectrum of animals. Involvement in service helps cultivate a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.
  3. Significant involvement in service creates a strong sense of pride and achievement in individuals, groups and the whole participating body of individuals.

Pampered Paws™ Programs combines tradition and innovation to create a vital curriculum to meet the need of our participants and the Animal Pet Industry.

Academically Vital
Cultivating intellectual curiosity through innovative, participant-centered academics, Pampered Paws™ prepares the foundation for success in the Pet Care Industry.

Teaching is an art devoted to inspiring a love of learning.

Technologically Enlightened
Integrating powerful information with all facets of study and teaching, Pampered Paws™ is wired for achievement.
A web of techno cut into the fur of every classroom.

Actively Engages
Energizing mind, body and spirit through comprehensive arts, hands-on, and community service programming, Pampered Paws™ generates all-round strengths.

"All-breed" activities designed to breed perspectives on living and business.

International Inquisitive
Welcoming participants from around the world into a diverse and lively environment delivering a cultural experience.
A universe of hands uniting in the "Art of Animal Hairdressing"

Community Spirited
Joining participants, parents, alumni, faculty and staff into one great community. Pampered Paws™ not only offers a connection for life, but we are available to you for continual mentoring and inspiration as you build your business of Pet Grooming and Retailing.

A neighborhood of friends dedicated to sustaining kinship for a lifetime.

Selection Criteria
The environment actively seeks a diverse body of people coming together in the Animal Pet Industry, in terms of socio-economic, cultural and international backgrounds. Those wishing to take their love of animals to a higher degree, have a high academic and personal growth promise. It is expected that each individual entering Pampered Paws™ have the potential for his or her own business, while bringing to the environment other great qualities, so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Continuation at Pampered Paws Limited
Continuation is subject to meeting all minimum academic, co-curricular, and personal standards established by Pampered Paws Limited.

Picture taken at the Westminister Kennel Club Show

Participant Services

Your Administration Officer is available to assist with enrolment and general counseling of participants. All participants must also take part in a classroom guidance program, which is taught by the counseling faculty. This program deals with a breadth of issues including learning strategies, professional career development, communication skills, decision-making skills, and successful completion of the various levels of licensing through the test centers of the Grooming Institute of Canada for licensing of the individual at the National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools Inc.

Educational Counseling
Pampered Paws™ has implemented a structured curriculum dealing with career growth and business issues. Each participant is assessed periodically to ensure his or her on-going success throughout the program chosen.

Form Teachers and Advisors
The Form Teacher and Advisor system allows participants to meet with their teachers and a group of peers on a regular basis to discuss academic and practical hands on work concerns.
A Form Teacher is primarily responsible for the monitoring progress and counseling of the participant body. Forms meet at the conclusion of the week, to discuss matters of importance to them and the entire group.

Advisors work with participants, their parents, teachers, directors and grade coordinators to encourage, guide and provide support to the advisee in all endeavors.

Leadership Programs are available for active, engaged participants. From captains of athletics teams, form leaders, art monitors, and over 10 leadership roles are open to participants interested in pursuing positions of responsibility within Pampered Paws™.

Participant Leaders have the opportunity to contribute to others, and to develop organizational skill, responsibility, concern and respect for others. Participants who perform well in leadership roles can successfully look to this adventure as being, "socially aware of peoples needs", and earn recognition towards service work.

Attendance, Conduct Dismissal
Each Participant is accepted with the understanding that he/she has registered for the entire program of their choosing.
Pampered Paws™ reserves the right to terminate a participant for inappropriate behavior, lack of aptitude, lack of progress, non-attendance, habitual tardiness, failing grades, or any form of ill-treatment towards any animal. Under these circumstances, the tuition is non-refundable.

The Pampered Paws Limited requires regular attendance by each participant through out the course. Only one absence per three-week period is permitted. Excessive tardiness will be penalized and three will constitute an absence.

Field Trips
At various times, and depending on course chosen, you may have the opportunity to visit a dog show, a large boarding facility, veterinary clinics, contests and seminars. The costs of these are solely the responsibility of the participant. These field trips or seminars give the participant an opportunity to see various aspects of the grooming profession; and, these trips allow the participant a chance to evaluate the growth of this business within the Professional Grooming Arena.

Job Referrals and Business's for Sale
Pampered Paws™ does not guarantee you a job or promise to set you up in business. That is your responsibility to find or to open your own salon.

However, Pampered Paws™ has an excellent record of accomplishment, with many companies seeking our graduates of higher learning and success has followed those that have opened their own business. Not just here in Canada but worldwide. Pampered Paws™ will assist you by providing on going job referrals and notices of businesses for sale.

In addition, The Grooming Institute of Canada is a extensive employment center and temporary employment agency that many groomers and employers work with to find the right fit. Contacting this company will put you in touch with Veterinarians, Grooming Salons, Pet Retailers, Boarding and Pet Walking businesses that need quality groomers. No to mention, there is no charge to you!
Call 905 278 2866 to arrange an appointment when you have finished your Professional Development Program or visit their website at

Dress Code
The nature of the work demands that the dress is casual. However, Pampered Paws™ does insist that participants must present a professional appearance at all times. Grooming aprons or smocks must be worn at all times. These can be purchased through the Pampered Paws Limited or supplied by the participant. Shorts are not considered acceptable apparel. Rubber-soled, enclosed shoes must be worn at all times when grooming animals.

Financial Aid/Scholarships
Pampered Paws™ Financial Aid Department is committed to providing every participant with the assistance necessary to ensure that each participant receives the maximum financial aid available to those who qualify for scholarships offered through many Kennel Clubs.

Pampered Paws™ participates in various federal and private participant financial assistance programs; this also includes Scholarships that are offered through various National Kennel Clubs around the world. These financial aid programs are designed to provide assistance to participants who are currently enrolled or accepted for enrolment, but whose financial resources are unable to meet the full cost of their professional development. You must be an active member of a Breed or Kennel Club to qualify. In addition, alternative financing options may be available to those who qualify, making their attendance at any one of our Pampered Paws™ locations a reality.

Typical Industry Compensation
Compensation is usually on a commission basis, much like the Hairdressing Industry for humans. The more animals you complete, the more income you will earn. As a recent graduate the commission level will likely start at approximately 30 - 40%. As your speed increases, so does your commission level. It is not uncommon for a Stylist to receive 50% commission, once they are able to complete 6-8 animals per day. Stylists with 3-5 years experience can easily complete 7-9 animals per day.

Take a Tour of the Pampered Paws Limited


It is recommended that each participant, if possible, arrange for a tour of Pampered Paws™ prior to enrolment. This tour will give you the chance to meet and speak with the instructors and have a tour of the grooming room where you will be spending your time. It will give you the chance to see the environment and recognize that the tables and workstations are both modern, and that current up-to-date equipment is available to each participant.

You will notice that all of the Holding Areas for the animals are stainless steel. You will see that all grooming tables are on a hydraulic lift, to ensure ease and individually comfortable heights for each participant when working with various sizes of animals. All work surfaces are also stainless steel for ease of disinfecting.

This tour will allow you to see how clean and organized the Pampered Paws Limited is, and it will give you the reassurance that you have made the right choice when selecting Pampered Paws™. Pampered Paws™ is a private business teaching Professional Development Courses. We are not Government funded, nor are we an Apprentice School. You will be offered the highest quality of teaching in an environment that you can confidently learn in, and be able to take pride in your development in the Pet Industry.

You will see the various specialty shampoos and the drying techniques used during the touring of the bathing area. Take a few minutes and have an opportunity to talk to current participants, and you will see how very friendly and relaxed the learning environment is.

You can view the PawSoft™ Grooming Manual that comes with the purchase of your Grooming Kit, and inspect the quality of that equipment. Your Administrator will explain the cost of the equipment, why you need to verify whether you are left or right handed, and what is included in the kit. Your grooming kit will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Your carrying case will be on hand for you to see how sleek and stylish, yet practical, it is and you will see that it has its own "lock and key". Your Administrator will also show you your timetable for each week of your chosen program.

Semester Start Dates and Classroom Hours
Pampered Paws™ runs a semester-based curriculum:
• Winter
• Spring
• Summer
• Fall

Classroom hours are Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Monday, is considered your assignment and research day.
You must learn to use this day wisely, as homework and research are part of the curriculum.

We suggest that you arrive to class a full 15 minutes prior to start time, to set up your equipment for the day.

Attendance, Conduct, and Dismissal
The Pampered Paws Limited requires regular attendance by each participant through out the course. Only one absence per three-week period is permitted; this absence must be made up at a mutually agreeable time or community service work arranged. Excessive tardiness will be penalized and three will constitute an absence.

Each Participant is accepted with the understanding that he/she has registered for the entire program of their choosing.
Pampered Paws™ reserves the right to terminate a participant for inappropriate behavior, lack of aptitude, lack of progress, non-attendance, habitual tardiness, failing grades, or any form of ill-treatment towards any animal. Under these circumstances, the tuition is non-refundable.


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